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Free Play Podcast

Feb 21, 2020

Kate wants to go into scary mines with her Switch while re-enacting scenes from Red Dead, Matt shames Bubba and Kate into joining his posse, and Bubba introduces a new game, "Test Your Friends" by seeing if Kate or Matt can identify iconic video game themes played backward. 

Feb 14, 2020

This week on the Free Play podcast, Kate reads yet another entry from her Red Dead Diary, Matt plays his 41st play of Marvel Champions, and I catch you up on the adventure that is playing Gloomhaven… well… starting it, anyways.  Thanks for spending just a little bit of time with us this week on the Free Play...

Feb 7, 2020

Bubba, Kate, and Matt are back for season 3 in a free for all episodes where there is no plan, any game they have been playing is up for discussion, and introductions to Free Play insider lingo for the noobs.